Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Completely Abandon the Right as the Child's Parent...

...I have tried to write this post a few times, but when I start I become overwhelmed with a zillion things bouncing around in my head and I just have to walk away...

...if you have followed along on our journey to adopt our son, then you are probably somewhat aware that I began to contemplate and process my own journey as well. I was told that many adoptees begin this self-reflection at a much younger age, but for me the tipping point was when we decided to become parents...

...I am so thankful and appreciative of the support that my husband has provided me...

...and I know that I would be in trouble if I did not have a community of KADs that have helped me sort through the emotions that have been like a wild roller coaster ride...

...I feel that I had lost myself and I am finally coming out of the fog...

...i am very grateful for the life that I have, and that I am indeed "very lucky" to be in reunion with my family in Korea...

...when I was younger I would have scoffed at the notion that adoptees have a "hole in their heart" due to the many losses in adoption, now I don't...

...and what is that picture you ask? It is my relinquishment paper. I share it, because of so many "brothers and sisters" who would like to have a copy of their own, but are unable to do so. As painful as it is to see and read it leaves no question unanswered...that black smudge is my aboji's fingerprint and his name chop is also on the paper. On the original it is actually in red ink...

Abandonment of Parental Rights

The parents of the minor xxx Hyun Rae (Child Name) and the unique guardians of the child, xxx and xxx (Parents Name) allow the child’s immigration to the United States of America (The Country Name) and adoption by the proper adoptive parents.

I entrust Korean Crusaders Union (David Livingston, Yangyeon Club) with all the rights of the processes for adoption; The right for Physician tests of a child, the right to commence legal proceedings, the right of discretion regarding immigration and adoption, the right to abandon the legal guardians obligations, the right to yield to the adoption agency.

I completely abondon the right as the child’s parent and yield all legal responsibilities to the adopted parents. Furthermore, I am in agreement with the adopted parents, in that they have acquired the right for the legal authority between parent and child. 
I abandon the right as the child’s parents and henceforth, the adopted parents have taken over the rights as legal guardians of the child.

Nov. 2. 1976.
Address: Bongchun 1-11
Witness: Lee Jung Ja

Address: Bongchun Bondong 21-3
Name of the parent surrendering legal guardianship: xxx

The Korean Crusaders Union
(David Livingston Yangyeon Club)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Texas January

Unlike the rest of the country, we have been experiencing some beautiful weather over the past few weeks. Of course, we try to take advantage of it, so we can burn off some energy. 
A swingset might be in someone's future...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

I looked on the blog the other day and realized that I hadn't written on here in ages. I can't believe it's already 2014! Just a small update....

One goal is to explore different parks in Texas. We hope to fully take advantage of the park pass we got this year and hopefully get to hike around the state. 

Gavin still LOVES being outdoors. He can quickly pedal his tricycle down the sidewalk. We hope he will start to try out his balance bike, which should lead into an easier transition with a 2 wheeler. 

We have been enjoying some beautiful mild weather in Texas this winter. Playing in the park is always fun!

New Year's we like to look like we partied all night, but our New Year's was at 8:30, LOL!

Nothing makes daddy happier than a Husker win.  We hope that you are enjoying 2014 so far and that you are keeping warm wherever you are! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day

Little Frog-Giant Steps

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Fun

 A sweet friend that we met through the adoption process, who also happens to be an adoptee came to San Antonio for a visit! I am so grateful for this friendship. We battled the Texas sun and saw the most important sites of the Almao City. The best part of the trip though, was being able to talk in person. I would like to say that we chatted through the early morning, but I think that motherhood has made our bedtime hours change just a tad.  Like all good things it came to an end too quickly, but I know we shall see each other soon! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye

...the week has gone soooo quickly, in some ways it will never be enough time, but I know there are two special guys waiting for me at home, which helps prepare my mind for saying goodbye.

We quickly eat breakfast and then wait for my family's friend to take us to the airport.

When we get to the airport I check my luggage, return my wifi router, and exchange my money. Then my parents and I sit and wait for my niece and 3rd sister to say goodbye. Not all of us could fit in the van, so my sister and niece take a bus. They finally arrive. I hate goodbyes. I really do. I avoid them at all costs, but there is no way to avoid this one. Before we head over to security I have my niece take one last pic. When I stare at this picture, it makes me chuckle because when I first received pictures from Korea, I did not think I looked like my Korean family at, I know there is no doubt that this is my family, too.

As we walk to security, I can tell my omma is getting emotional. My 3rd sister keeps repeating in English "no crying" which makes me laugh. I take a short video...I am touched that my niece sheds tears. I know that my omma is holding it in. Quick hugs are given and I get in line.

For those of you who are familiar with Incheon, you know that once you get past the initial check  people cannot see you, and it is there that I allow myself to cry. I cry for never having enough time to make up for years lost and I cry in fear always wondering if this will be the last time that I see my aboji and omma. My sister writes and tells me that my omma is sobbing in the car...As I wait in line to board the plane, another passenger remarks how it is raining and how Korea must be weeping because we are leaving...
and although I am ready to go home to see my husband and son, I cannot help but wonder when will I return...