Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Thankful!

Today my team hosted a shower for me at school. It was lovely! Loved the cupcakes that a teammate baked, yummy punch, and the special wishes that people shared...and of course, don't forget the games!

I have to say that I feel extremely lucky to work with my team as well as the rest of the staff at my school. Their generosity and love that they showered on us, really touched my heart.
Although this spirit was especially shown to me today, it is a great staff to be a part of, which is especially endearing.

Beautiful artwork-from our beautiful and talented art teacher! The photos don't do it justice!

So, thankful for such a great day! So, thankful for the following tidbit from our agency...

There should be movement in Korea in regards to the Exit Permits next week!!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012



This part of the wait has been the hardest part.

We are trying to wait as patiently as possible.

The latest? Rumor has it that EPs should start being processed at the beginning of March.

We are hopeful that this information is true.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Progress Report!!!

Today we received a progress report on Gavin from our agency. What's nice about the progress report is that it gives more detailed information about the baby's personality compared to
Well Baby Check Up.

Gavin sounds like he's doing great! Here are some tidbits from the report.

  • he likes a lot of different foods, except if it is too spicy or salty
  • he likes organic cookies
  • he sleeps through the night and likes having his own pillow-Uncle Bob and Auntie Kerri gave him a pillow pet for Christmas so I'm sure he'll love using it.
  • he loves doing activities with the members of his foster family
My absolute favorite comment says that he "dances to exciting music".

I hope that when we travel to Korea, we will get to meet his whole foster family. My brother in law met with my nephews foster parents, some people meet just the foster mother, and some people meet the whole we'll have to wait and see.

Any news? Not yet...but hopefully something soon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Well Baby Check!

Love seeing these emails in the inbox!

Gavin is 1/2 inch taller and a 1/2 pound heavier than last month. So, he's 33 1/2 inches tall and

26 1/2 pounds.

He has six teeth on top and bottom and he is trying to eat with a spoon and fork.

This month it says that he's drinking from a cup with help, so it's a good thing we have shelf full of sippy cups!

We are still waiting on news about Exit Permits. According to MPAK we should see some movement around mid February. So...we continue to wait as patiently as we can.

Don't worry, we aren't just twiddling our thumbs. We are slowly putting his room together.

...and how about some math formula wall art? We have Pi, the Pythagorean Theorem, the Golden Mean, and of course the Theory of Relativity.

Hopefully there will be more to show after this weekend! There's probably 100+ other things that we need to do, we just don't realize what needs to be done.

So...hopefully in the next blog post we'll be able to show a completed room, and include some good news about movement in the adoption process!