Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

I looked on the blog the other day and realized that I hadn't written on here in ages. I can't believe it's already 2014! Just a small update....

One goal is to explore different parks in Texas. We hope to fully take advantage of the park pass we got this year and hopefully get to hike around the state. 

Gavin still LOVES being outdoors. He can quickly pedal his tricycle down the sidewalk. We hope he will start to try out his balance bike, which should lead into an easier transition with a 2 wheeler. 

We have been enjoying some beautiful mild weather in Texas this winter. Playing in the park is always fun!

New Year's we like to look like we partied all night, but our New Year's was at 8:30, LOL!

Nothing makes daddy happier than a Husker win.  We hope that you are enjoying 2014 so far and that you are keeping warm wherever you are! 

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