Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Special Pieces of Mail + More

I love receiving mail that isn't a bill, who doesn't? Today we got two surprises in the mail. The first item was from my aunt who took a video of our wedding. Something happened to our copy of our video. We had it, it was even taped on at the end when someone couldn't find a blank tape (still had all of the wedding on it), but I believe when we moved to our house it went to that black hole where you can never find things. Lucky for us she had her original and transferred it to DVD. This is a special treasure! We are very lucky to have such a special aunt. :0)

The second item that we recieved in the mail came from this amazing artist that I found through a friend's blog.

Don't you love the envelope? You know that something fabulous has to be inside, when someone takes the time to make the envelope so wonderful!
Kim is also a Korean adoptee and she actually grew up in Wisconsin, too! Small world, right? Check out her shop if you get a chance: The artwork will be revealed on a later post, but I will add that after admiring her artwork and "chatting" she also sent a special something for a special someone in my family. Kim you are the BEST! :-)

If you are wondering where we are in the adoption process, there's nothing official to announce yet. We do know that our social worker has all of the documents to complete our homestudy, so pretty soon we should be posting that our homestudy is on it's way to Korea. We have had the chance to review our homestudy and one thing we saw were the comments our references wrote about us. Although we do not know who said what, we feel very blessed to have such special friends in our lives, who will also be a part of our child's life, too.

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