Thursday, July 7, 2011

Citizen USA

Today I watched a documentary on HBO called Citizen USA. It was really interesting. It was about a documentary film maker, who after watching her husband become a US citizen, decided to go around to all 50 states to observe and ask people why they would want to become US Citizens. I really enjoyed hearing people talk about being a US Citizen, the new freedom that they experience here, and why the new freedom is so meaningful.

Of course, after watching the documentary, I decided I needed to find pictures of when I became a US Citizen.

This picture is taken outside of the courthouse in Marquette Michigan when I was 5 years old.

The day seems like a blur to me. Unfortunately, I do not remember a lot from that special day.

Looking at the picture below it looks like the majority of the new citizens were children...and I'll take a guess that we were adoptees. I think when Baby Parker becomes a citizen it will be less than a year from when we bring him home, so the turn around for citizenship is one thing that is actually quicker! :-)

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