Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Progress Report!!!

Today we received a progress report on Gavin from our agency. What's nice about the progress report is that it gives more detailed information about the baby's personality compared to
Well Baby Check Up.

Gavin sounds like he's doing great! Here are some tidbits from the report.

  • he likes a lot of different foods, except if it is too spicy or salty
  • he likes organic cookies
  • he sleeps through the night and likes having his own pillow-Uncle Bob and Auntie Kerri gave him a pillow pet for Christmas so I'm sure he'll love using it.
  • he loves doing activities with the members of his foster family
My absolute favorite comment says that he "dances to exciting music".

I hope that when we travel to Korea, we will get to meet his whole foster family. My brother in law met with my nephews foster parents, some people meet just the foster mother, and some people meet the whole we'll have to wait and see.

Any news? Not yet...but hopefully something soon!

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  1. Great news! It sounds like he is doing great! Can't wait til you're giving us these updates from your own observations and experiences!!