Thursday, March 29, 2012

We LOVE Pictures!!!

We love pictures!!!

...especially of this guy!

And the other day when we got a Well Baby Check, which is always exciting...we were sad that there weren't any new pictures. However, when we reread the email from our agency...I can't believe that we had missed the line that said we are sending you a CD full of photos from the foster family!

All of the photos are special, and we feel very lucky to have received such a special gift. A photo that I love in particular is one of him with a dog. It looks like his foster family has a dog, which in our case is a mega yay since he has 3 furry siblings that are waiting for him. ;-)

We also appear to have the same stroller as his foster family!

The other day we did receive a Well Baby Check and our sweet boy is 34 inches and 28 pounds.

And in the World of Adoption from is exciting to hear that families from other agencies have begun to get Travel Calls! Woohoo!!! So...we are hopeful that it will be our agency's turn fairly soon!!!

Here's a short vid of some of the other pics.


  1. What a special gift to have those pictures!!!! He is so precious!!!

  2. Hooray for pictures that keep us sane during the wait. Those were all such great pictures of your handsome little guy, and I am so happy that he'll be in your arms soon. :)