Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 months +

This is the only way to stay cool, if we venture outside. 


Time keeps flying by. 
Gavin has met ALL of his grandparents.




Gavin is doing really well, even in the Texas heat, LOL!
He is coming along with his language. His receptive is really great! We are still working on expressing ourselves. He will "count along" if we count to 3 and when the ABC song is played he will interject certain letters at points along the song. The other day we heard him say good bye or bye bye very clearly. He has other words, too such as tree, grapes. etc... He loves saying the word teeth. 
He still does not like to take naps, at all! It wouldn't be an issue except he will get cranky without one. Going to sleep at night is getting easier. When we first got home bedtime was pretty stressful. Now I wouldn't miss it for the world. Gavin has started going to day care for 2 days each week. We thought it would be a good transition leading up to when he starts full time in August. He has been doing really well. We really love where he's going and we know he's being well taken care of. 
We hope you are staying cool during this hot summer and that you had a Happy 4th! 

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