Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween...a day late., I saw this costume in the PBK catalog and "I" loved it, so I bought it... some friends helped encourage me by saying this would be the only year I could choose his costume, LOL.

My very talented friend at ARG Photographs took the pictures in the collage. She was  so patient with him...She captured Gavin perfectly. This is him. I do wish I could just ask him to sit and smile, but he definitely had some other plans on his agenda.

The big night arrived. I really did wonder what was going to happen.

It was pretty hot last night and this costume is definitely not light weight, but I'm happy to say that he kept the hat/hood on for quite awhile. 

We met at a friends house and  Gavin really understood the in's and out's of Halloween very quickly. He knew to get candy he needed to follow the kids, go up to complete strangers, and although he did not say trick or treat he would raise his pumpkin to them. I am happy to say that he would say thank you as he left each house.

He had a "death grip" on that pumpkin handle. I thought after awhile that it might be too heavy, but he walked/ran the whole route holding onto his stash.

...and seeing him running and laughing with his bucket made Halloween so much more fun! 

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