Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today we received an email telling us that our homestudy is approved!!! Here is a quote from the email, "...BIG milestone achieved." Wowee! It's beginning to sink in, that we are really going to become parents. :0) Somewhere in Korea, our baby is being taken care of by their foster family, waiting to be assigned to us to become their forever family. We know you're probably wondering, what's next? The next major step will be a referral, which is when we will get matched with a baby. When will that happen? My guess is probably not until around the very end of summer.

Last night I had the chance to talk to a fellow adoptee who is also adopting from Korea. Sad to say she lives on the east coast, but we have plenty of reasons to visit the east coast so I know that someday we shall meet! Anyway...she also received some exciting news. She and her husband received their referral!!! I am thrilled for them! It would have been awesome if we had been able to travel at the same time, but I am extremely happy that this momentous step has occurred in their journey. Our chat must have brought good luck to both of us, so maybe we'll have to chat more often!!!

I think it's always nice to have a picture with a post, so today I chose one where our family was celebrating. This was a picture from my newphew's baptism. It also happens to be his dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Joe! We hope that you had a wonderful day and now April 5th will always be a special day for 3 special reasons! :0)


  1. Congratulations! Us too! Just found out today! What agency are you using? Did you get your number yet, or are we the only ones that felt obligated to know that silly detail. ;)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful!

  3. Congratulations! This is a huge milestone!!! You're on your path of expecting your little one and don't forget you're an expectant mother and don't let others think you're not. This is considered an "elephant pregnancy" as elephants are pregnant more than 9 months.

    I'm so happy we've connected and will be so happy for you when you get your BIG news! Things happen unexpectedly and if I were you, don't find out your number on the list because you'll obsess over it ;)

    As usual a small comment turns into a novel.

    Congratulations Momma :)

  4. Yay! So exciting when things move right along! =)

    It seems like we are exactly one month behind you. I'm excited for the things to come and the many more milestones ahead. Looking forward to following your journey!