Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Stuff n Things'

This past week we went to our favorite Korean restaurant, Ilsong Garden. I LOVE it! I could literally eat there every day and every meal. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but I know I could definitely eat there more than once a week. As usual I had my fav, which is bi bim bop, and then even though the ban chan are essentially the same I had to eat them, too. Of course, as tradition has it I will always try to convince Matt to eat something coated in the kimchee sauce, but he learned after visit number two which dishes to avoid, LOL! I have a friend who says that a different Korean restaurant, Kiku Garden, is better. Since we haven't been there yet, I can't say, but I really don't need an excuse to go and eat Korean food.

This week the adoption community was sad to learn that Dr. Kim Duk Whang passed away. He established Eastern Social Welfare Society. I would consider him the founding father of international adoption in Korea. He is the gentleman who helped facilitate my adoption. This wise gentleman was beloved and will be greatly missed.

One of the many ways that Dr. Kim, Duk Whang (founder and former Chairman of the Board of Eastern Social Welfare Society/ESWS) demonstrated his fatherly devotion and dedication to each child in Eastern's care was to pray a special blessing over each child prior to his/her departure to their new adoptive family.

As for adoption news...that's right, we are still waiting! I think maybe our i600a will be approved around our anniversary?!?! Once that form is approved then we are really in the running for a referral. I learned this week that you need that approved before you can move on.

One more thing...after looking at how many different topics are in this post, I'll try to post more frequently. :0)

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  1. Wow, this was quite the hodge podge of information. Glad that the I600A is moving along and I also love bibimbap.