Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back In the Saddle Again

No, I'm not going horseback riding...our school district has finally succumbed to some major budget cuts, so next year I will be going back to the classroom. For a short time, I thought that I was being displaced from the campus, meaning the district was going to place me at a random campus to fill a spot. Truth be told, I was nervous especially since I'm certified to teach up to 8th grade. Luckily, I will get to teach second grade at the current school I'm at, which is the grade level that I taught for 8 1/2 years before I became a CIT. I am pretty thrilled about that. I'm also happy that I will get to stay at my current campus. This year was our inaugural year, so to leave would have been pretty disappointing. Although I will miss my current position, I do look forward to having "my own class" and having the opportunity to continue to work with some pretty amazing people. :0)

P.S. This weekend I went to a friend's birthday party and her sister, who happens to be a junior in high school, talked about some peers of of hers which happen to be former second grade students of mine, YIKES! I am getting OLD, lol!


  1. I"m just so happy you get to stay!

  2. Hey Jen!
    I finally read your blog and I cannot wait to hear when you get your referral!!!