Thursday, November 10, 2011

We are Unofficially Paper Ready!

Yes indeedy, we are unofficially paper ready!

On Tuesday I happened to have some extra time on my hands, so I decided to call and see if our I600 had been approved.

This is the first time I've called to check on paperwork, and I can see how I could become totally addicted to calling, except for the fact that teaching 22 second graders prevents me, LOL!
(I know you may be wondering how I did it on Tuesday...and I was at home with strep, blech!)

When I was transferred to our case officer, she said that we are approved and she would send out the official approval paperwork by Friday!

This is the last piece of paperwork that we needed from the U.S.

...and now we wait.

Friends keep reminding us that the new year is not far away. January is literally only, wow, it's only 7 weeks away! I can't believe it!!!

So, during Thanksgiving Vacation this household will start doing some prep work for a toddler, in hopes that he will be coming home soon!


  1. Whoo-hoo!!! What a fabulous feeling to be DONE on your end! Can't wait to see picture of the room :)

  2. Yaaaay, getting pretty close!!
    Sorry about the strep. :(

  3. Congratulations Jennifer! Hope your wait is as painless as possible. :)

  4. Congratulations on I600 approval! That's great news!