Monday, December 5, 2011

Wonderful Weekend + Nov. WBC and Pics= Bliss!

What can I say, we love weekends!

...and this one was lovely. On Saturday one of my besties from a previous campus that I worked at, threw me a baby shower. I appreciate the time and effort that she put in to making it so special. Loved all of the games that we played and the cupcakes were to die for!

One thing that made it extra special were the people who were there. My mom was able to travel to this shower too and the friends that were there were mainly friends who I rarely get to see, since we seem to be spread out around the district...sigh! (btw my district has 70 elementary schools in it, YIKES!)

It was a special day and I am so grateful to have a special friend like EFG!

...and then later that afternoon when I picked up the mail, I saw an envelope with National Visa Center on it. Inside it explained that our paperwork was on it's way to the Embassy in Seoul, Korea! I have to say that knowing we weren't traveling until 2012 has made us sluggish in getting some things prepped for Gavin, but I have to admit...this letter has started making us feel a tad excited for the coming year.

...and when I was checking my email, what did I see, but an email with a Well Baby Check and pics of our sweet boy! It really was a treat. He seems to be getting taller each month. He's almost 33 inches and his weight hasn't changed much, still at 25 pounds...but that's probably due to the fact that he's beginning to finally walk!

Sigh...can I say with each new pic that we get, the excitement is starting to build. Of course when the New Year hits and people start to travel I'm sure that we will be on a roller coaster of a ride!
We can't wait...and we can't wait for you to follow us to Korea and back!


  1. YEY!! It'll be here before you know it. Take as many date nights that you can without having to worry about babysitters, sleep in on the weekends and watch A LOT of TV!! :) Then you get to enjoy all the laughter, giggles and smiles that come! :) Soon it'll all be worth it!! Hope to see you soon!!

  2. So happy for you that you got an update!

  3. So very exciting! His weight may have leveled off, but he's still a big guy! The pictures are awesome. His face is amazingly cute!

  4. He is such a cutie! Hooray for the updates and pics, and special friends that make the wait a little easier. :)