Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2nd Physical Exam + New Pic!

What a nice surprise! Today we received Gavin's 2nd Physical Exam and a New Pic!!!

It must be fairly chilly in Korea right now. It looks like he's wearing about 4 layers of clothing! ...and if you're wondering, yes we sent the dog sweater. :)

Gavin is 33 inches and weighs 26.5 pounds.

He has 6 teeth on top and 6 teeth on the bottom.

It also says he drinks from a cup. It looks like we won't have to worry about cleaning any bottles! extra is this last appointment was on Matt's birthday. I know it's totally random, but I am still convinced that the majority of time when we find out new information it's usually the same day as someone's birthday that we know, a holiday, or a significant event.

...and yes, it looks like "everyone" is still waiting to hear when the EPs will start getting submitted and approved.

We'll keep you posted-We Promise!!!


  1. Hooray for a new picture and updates!!! I know the wait is unbelievably hard, but I am just so thankful you are getting regular updates and pics. hang in there. i am thinking of all you wonderful mommies who are waiting to bring your little ones home!

  2. He's so adorable! So glad for some good news. =)

  3. Goodness he is beautiful! Glad you got a new pic. :)

  4. So cute! Glad you got a new update!

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