Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crib is Built-Check

I am happy to report that Matt and I survived building Gavin's crib. And we are mighty proud of the fact that no one was injured during the building of it.

If you know us, we aren't the handiest people around...

We are grateful that our brother in law Joe put up the baby gate so Gavin will not tumble down our stairs. We thought very fondly of Joe when we were putting together the crib, and his craftsman skills.

I'm not sure what's so perplexing about building things. We want to believe it's the fact that the pictures don't always match the parts that are sent or visa-versa.

However, after an hour or so...with a little frustration, some aha moments, and some whistling from Snow White, it is up!

We know you're probably wondering, is there any news? And the answer is, not yet. But, we will definitely let you know when we hear something. :-)

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