Friday, August 31, 2012

4 Months Home

We have been a family for four months! Some days it seems like Gavin has always been with us. Some days we can't believe we have been a family for 4 months. Time flies for me now, but I am reminded by Matt that time is constant, LOL! 

Gavin still loves the outdoors. Even in the horrible Texas heat if we go to a park or are outside, it can be a challenge to convince him that he would rather be in the nice cool air conditioning when it's time to go home.

Gavin  loves our pups. The most interesting relationship he has with the dogs, is the one with Ace. I suppose they act kind of like brothers. I love this video...I know some people thought we trained Ace to pull Gavin in the bed, but it was totally random that he happened to pull him when I told him to. What I didn't capture is Ace and Gavin fighting over who got the dog bed. They do that over the dog toys, too.

The first official week of school has come and gone. Gavin is in the 3K class at his daycare. He really loves his friends and his teachers. We are at the point when Matt drops him off there are no tears, and when I pick him up there are no more tears. The tears he gave me weren't the I want to stay tears. They were the how could you think of leaving me tears. They would have made me feel horrible and guilt ridden except for the fact when I would peek in the room he would be happily playing with his classmates.

Matt's favorite time of the year is season! As you see we have a Husker in training...

                                               but you never know he could be a Badger...

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