Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Let the celebrating begin!
It actually started a week ago when we were in Rhode Island for my brother's wedding. Gavin was able to celebrate his birthday with my side of the family which was pretty special, since typically everyone will be in school during a typical year. My dad and Gavin are September birthdays. We had a combo party for the two of them. As you can see Gavin was hypnotized by the cake.

We are so happy that we got to celebrate Gavin's birthday with him. Anyone for a birthday chocolate chip muffin? Gavin knew exactly what to do when the candles were lit! 

He also received some special gifts from Korea. Last year during his dol, he happened to choose the stethoscope. As you can see he has already begun practicing medicine.

Yesterday and today, I couldn't help but think of Korea. 
These are special pictures from his first birthday. 

...and here are my wishes...

*that Gavin may know how loved he was from the moment he was born*

*that his birth mother has found peace in her heart*

*that his foster family know that they will always be part of our family, and we will be forever grateful for all that they have done for our son*

Happy Birthday!

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