Saturday, October 6, 2012

September Recap

September-Where did you go?

We can't believe how quickly you came and went! I'm definitely not keeping up with the blog, so I'll just try to squish everything into one post.

Mid-September we traveled to Newport, RI for my brother's wedding. It was a memorable weekend. This was the first time that Gavin got to meet the rest of the family and his cousins. Gavin had a blast! The weather was absolutely perfect. The wedding was a blast!!! I will say that we probably pushed it taking Gavin on a big trip. He was clingier to me and he would not go to Matt like he does at home...but we would not trade that weekend for anything in the world. 

Gavin also turned 2 this month! We had a party, and this little boy knew exactly what to do when the candles were lit and people were singing for him. In fact, he was a candle blowing machine! 


And I guess this is where October has crept into a September post. 

October 1st marked Gavin's final post placement visit. I admit I felt a little weepy saying goodbye to our social worker. It's hard to believe that our process is almost finished.  

We were happy to report that:

Gavin is doing great at school. He loves playing with the other students and doing activities. 

He is beginning to like more vegetables.

If there is such a thing as a watermelon addiction, this boy has it. 

He will listen to us read stories to him. Before, it was just let's see how many pages we can get through and now we can actually read 2 or more books at a time.

He's beginning to repeat what we say.

...and we are not ready to go on the adoption roller coaster ride, right away. But you never know...

Gavin also had his 2 year old check up. As you can see he is an active little boy. These moments were captured as we waited for our pediatrician. 

Gavin is 35 1/2 tall 60% for height and 32 lbs 90% for weight

I am totally copying another friend when I say this- he is already over half way to my hopefully he will be taller than me!

...he got also got 2 shots...and he pretty much let the whole practice he did not like the shots, lol. 

So we are officially living with a 2 year old, and although people say 2 is tough, I can only think that 2 is going to be a great year!

one last of my online adoptive mommy friends is over in Korea right now. She graciously took some things to the adoption agency as well as for my birth family...originally she was just going to leave the items at the front desk of her hotel, but it turns out she is going to meet my niece tomorrow!!! Sometimes I feel like it's a dream that I actually have family over in Korea due to the distance and language barrier, but knowing that someone else is going to see someone from my family really warms my heart and soul.  

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