Tuesday, July 2, 2013


My final night is my favorite night! We are finally going to noraebang!!! Karaoke! We walk to the main street by my family's home and we turn into a stairwell, and there it is! The air conditioner is turned on high, beer is served, and once the song starts the lights go off and the disco lights come on. 

It was the most fun I've ever had doing karaoke! My niece who happens to be the same age as my youngest sister in the U.S. has a beautiful voice! In my opinion her voice can rival any K-Pop star! And, really we can all sing fairly well, just call us the Korean version of the Partridge family...just kidding.

At one point in the night my sisters pick a song and motion for me to come and stand between them. I have no idea what the words are, but the feeling is of love and friendship...

...and what did I sing? Well to be honest I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to popular songs...if I'm in the car driving to work I'm usually listening to classical music before the work day starts to calm my nerves and after work, I'm listening to the Broadway music channel, and according to Matt I lived in a cave listening to music growing up, LOL ... so when it's my turn to sing I have to find either musicals or "oldies but goodies".

One of the oldies but goodies that I pick is Hey Jude...and by this time, the majority of us have imbibed to make us more confident...however, as you know alcohol affects people in different ways....

The adoption story affects everyone. However, for most adoptees, it is a very one sided story. Many adoptees hunger for clues to their past, in hopes they can fill in the blanks that many people take for granted. For 35 years I believed that my mother was a young single/unwed woman, and then I believe that I continued the story in my head that she went to college, graduated, and had a family of her as I've mentioned before, it was very shocking to find out that my parents were married and I was the youngest of 5 children. During the time before I met my family there were many one sided discussions going through my head. However, people cautioned me, with good reason, that my Korean family is probably going through similar emotions.  The age range between me and my 1st sister in Korea is similar to that of me and my youngest sister in the US. To think of having to have said good bye to my sister the day she was born is unbearable. Up until we started the adoption process ourselves I would have probably scoffed at the idea of "loss and adoption", I admittedly lived in a "bubble",  but now I know that with great joy, there also comes great loss.


My throat is killing me, but they want me to keep singing. I oblige, but now I cannot look at their faces while I sing because I realize my trip is coming to an end.

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

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