Sunday, June 26, 2011

Care Package #1

Tomorrow we are sending our first care package to Korea for Baby Parker. It was fun picking out items to send to him and his foster parents. The care package includes:
-Teething Toy, since his last well baby check said he has 2 teeth and we're pretty sure more are on their way
-Baby Snoopy
-Baby Soft Photo Album
-3 outfits...I'm curious if they are the right size....I know you go by the labels and the baby's height and weight However, it is a tad confusing when different stores have different a different height and weight for a different size...hopefully we'll get a picture and we'll see if we were right, LOL!
-Vitamins for his Foster Parents
-Chocolate for his Foster Parents

I know one question that is on people's minds is do we have a name picked out...and seriously we really don't. We've discussed quite a few names. However, we can't seem to agree on one. We plan on having a name picked out by his that gives us another 3 months to find the perfect name for our baby boy.


  1. Every time I read your blog lately, I tear up! HELLLOOOOO! This is so so precious! I wait impatiently to see more pictures and hear how he is! Love the collage, momma!!!

  2. What a great care package! Love your collage of photos!