Thursday, June 9, 2011


I guess we didn't have to wait until our anniversary or the 4th of July! We received our approval letter in the mail today! It was a very nice surprise! So we're on to referral, which is when we get matched with a baby!

Other than that, summer vacation has started and if you've looked at the weather reports you know that it is HOT, HOT, HOT in Texas.


  1. HURRAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOWOOOOO!!!!!! I know that the wait could potentially be a long one but I'm just so excited that you are one step closer to your sweet baby! (I'm such a nerd - I'm tearing up right now!)

  2. Ian and I couldn't be more happy and excited for you guys! Time to go to Il Song to celebrate. Xoxo

  3. Love you girls!!! It's an exciting time! Thanks for all of the love and support!