Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April 25, 2012- 2nd Visit

It was decided at our previous meeting that if Gavin's transition was going well, we would meet one more time. Although he was grieving at night, during the day he enjoyed being out and about in Seoul, and was quite social so we decided to go ahead and meet at Eastern one more time.

 We were all very happy to see each other again. They were very kind and generous. They came laden with gifts for not only us, but everyone in my family. 

My 1st sister is a cook and she made quite a few goodies for us to take with us. Yummy!!!

After the presentation of gifts, my abeoji took his leave. It was time for all of us ladies to chat and Matt, too!

One thing I should mention is they kept saying how much I look like my 2nd sister. Unfortunately, she couldn't come to the meetings since she had been in a car accident and lived 2 hours away from Seoul. I hope that next time we travel to Korea we will get to meet.

During this conversation we began to learn more things about all of us, some tidbits are:
-all of the girls in our family were born in November
-we all love to sing and read
-we would rather stay home than go out
-my eomeoni said all of the women are strong, because we need to be
and etc...and I loved this! I felt extremely connected to my sisters and eomeoni even only knowing them for a short amount of time.

In certain situations, I really hate goodbyes. I don't know if this is an "adoptee issue" but I've really recognized this in myself as I've grown older. And, I knew that this was going to be extremely tough...When we said that we should head back to the hotel, everyone got up very matter of fact collected and packed everything and then headed for the door. And, at the doorway I asked Mrs. K to let them know that I loved them and I considered them my family, too...and Mrs. K got a look of panic in her eyes because this is the first time during the whole process that I looked like I was going to start bawling and I almost did because I felt the panic start building which usually happens...and I think the only reason I didn't was because no one else did. Remember,  we are strong women! However, when we got in the cab I could not stop crying. I don't even really remember the trip back to the hotel. 

That evening when Gavin was sleeping on my back, as I walked around the hotel , I couldn't help but cry then, too. I  distinctly remember thinking that Gavin and I were going through the grief process together right now...and tears were shed for him as well. I believe that the gains outweigh the losses in adoption, but that night I also wept for his losses, too....

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