Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Going "Home"

The last few days have been passing by in a blur. It feels like we've been going non-stop since I arrived. Questions or doubts that I've had in my head have vanished in regards to my Korean family ,and who I am is being confirmed every single day. 
We have compared hands, feet, and skin color and I can especially see traits in my omma that she has passed to me. I know I will miss it when I leave.
One of the main ways that my parents are showing their LOVE for me is an endless stream of food. Whether it's the scrumptious meals omma is making or the endless snacks that they keep giving me. 

The language barrier is a challenge. But, everyone is doing their part to try to understand each other. Tomorrow we will have a translated meeting, so hopefully the important questions and statements will be expressed.

I have always had difficulty with good byes and it's going to be very hard leaving even though my heart is in Texas.   So, I push that to the back of my mind and plan to enjoy each day to the fullest while I'm here.

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