Sunday, June 16, 2013

a special day

The other day I had the opportunity to visit with Gavin's foster family. It was so special to see this amazing family who helped nurture Gavin for 15 months of his life. We started our visit at a traditional Korean restaurant. The pictures don't was amazing!!!

Next I had the honor and privilege to visit their home. They wanted me to see where Gavin had been living. The gifts I brought were appreciated, but what was priceless in their eyes was any photo in particular a flash drive filled with video and pictures. I literally saw his foster mom and aunt playing tug of war with a photo magnet until I showed the aunt she had one too. I was told that this happens whenever pictures are sent. 

We feel so blessed to have this relationship. They are an important part of Gavin's life. When Gavin wonders what his life was like and what he was like as a baby living in Korea, they will be able to give him this precious gift. They will always be a part of our family and an important part of Gavin's life.

         brother, aunt, omma, halmoni

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