Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 16 part 2

...sorry it's taking me awhile to blog. Jet lag really kicked my butt this trip, I am going to attempt to finish blogging about the trip this week. 

After I met with Gavin's foster family I met my nieces in front of the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon, and from there they took me shopping. Our first place to visit was Namdaemun. I realize that I didn't snap a picture there, other than me in my new glasses. I wish I had looked at more frames, but I was so thrilled that I didn't have to pick our wire frames with the special nose pads, that I just bought these. I will definitely be purchasing glasses every time I return to Seoul. 

After walking around Namdaemun we walked to Myeong-dong. If you love cosmetics and fashion, then this would be heaven for you. For me, a non shopper it's intense. Mobs of people are walking through the streets. Girls are standing outside of shops shouting about the free samples that you can get from inside the store. You should at least visit once, even if it seems insane!

My nieces tell me that they are hungry, and that they want pasta. So, I treat them to a dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Apple pizza? No red sauce, just cheese apples, and dough. Pretty tasty if I say so myself!

We continue to wander around Myeongdong-this sign makes me laugh.

We continue to wander and ride up the many escalators at Lotte Department Store and look out at the street below.

The event that brings the most laughter to our excursion is getting our pictures taken in a photo booth. I am laughing so hard I can barely breathe because in the photo booths there are "blue screens" and my dress matches the blue perfectly, so when the pictures are taken I am wearing whatever is in the background. We quickly take the pics and I am told to calm down because I'm laughing so hard, LOL! Afterwards they are quickly adding little pictures and deciding which poses are best. A fun time has been had by all!

Later that night I am sitting on the floor with aboji and 3rd sister. We are comparing our hands. We notice that all of us have the same lines on our hands. I have always said that I wanted to have pictures of my Korean family to know why I look like I do...

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