Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Adoption Journey

Hello! So glad that you have dropped by our blog! We are excited that you stopped by! This will probably be the eaisest way to find out our adoption updates over the next 24 months. Right now we seem to have hit the ground running. However, I believe at a certain point, it will seem like everything has come to a stand still and the waiting will begin.
  • Finish our paperwork to complete our home study
  • Home study needs to get approved
  • Wait for our referral- can take 5+ months from approval of the home study
  • Travel to Korea to pick up Baby Parker-approval to travel can take a few months to a year

You're probably wondering if we requested a boy or girl. At this point, we said we would love to have a baby boy or girl. In general, more girls are adopted than boys domestically, (total opposite of China) so there a lot of baby boys that are interternationally adopted. Just like our nephew! So, I would guess that we will more than likely be matched with a baby boy. Also, since I was adopted way back in the 70s :) , babies are placed on a domestic adoption list for 5 months before they are placed on an international list. So, I came to America when I was only 6 months old. Our baby/toddler will more than likely be at the youngest 9 to 10 months at the oldest hopefully under 2 years.

Something exciting that I discovered proabably about a month or so ago is a Korean Adoptee group in the Austin/San Antonio Area. There are a few adult adoptees as well as many families who have adopted. We are excited that our little one will have the opportunity to grow up within this group. Of course, we have our cutie pie newphew who is also an adoptee, and our good friend David who will be an honorary "Korean Uncle" :) .

While we wait, my goal is to learn more about the Korean culture, I admit I don't know as much as I should, learn how to cook some traditional dishes, and read, read, read! Oh, and maybe I'll finally be able to convince Matt to eat a whole bowl of Kimchee. Lol!

Although there are a lot uncertainties, especially when we look at time frames, we are excited to know that we will be parents with an adorable baby fairly soon. :)

  • We want to say thanks to all of our family and friends! We know how early we are in the process, but we know that we will have your love and support throughout our journey. We also know how much love is going out from you to our baby, their birth mother, and foster mother as some incredible decisions are being made over the next months/years. (think about it, if our child is older he/she could already be born!)
  • I want to say thanks to Amanda, one of my besties @ school, who I consider a blogging queen! She helped me get my blog a rolling!
  • I want to say thanks to one of my newbie adult korean adoptee friends, Kim, who inspired me through her own video to make our announcement on the right. Actually I should just say that I blatantly copied her idea, but don't worry, being the gracious lady that she is, she is not going to send the copyright police after me!

Thanks for reading!


Jen & Matt

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  1. Congratulations Matt & Jen!! How exciting!
    I can't wait to be an aunt again. :o)