Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, not Sand!

Surprise, surprise, I had to document this. We actually have a Snow Day! Although, it's somewhat bittersweet that we will have to make it up, for having less than an inch of snow on the ground. (I think there may be more in some areas.) There is a huge layer of ice covering the roads and sidewalks. Since the majority of the students have to ride a bus to school, and I'm sure the drivers do not have a lot of experience driving in icy conditions, it makes sense. I am happy for everyone who grew up in South Texas and hopes and dreams of a snow day every year. However, I hope this doesn't become a yearly event.

Growing up I remember hearing the plows at midnight so that all of us could go to school, work, etc... the next day. Also, they say that for school to be canceled our superintendant would want to see over 3 feet of snow out his front window before he'd close the district down. That's probably an exaggeration, but I know we didn't have that many snow days. Matt probably had more, due to the windchill in Nebraska.

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  1. Our backyard was COVERED! Brie had the best time playing in it. WHen the back yard thawed, we went to Lucy's to play and they still had patches... it made for one very wet slightly muddy Brie-mess!