Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My brother in law texted me today. He said here are predictions of names from my niece and nephew.

My niece Amalia (6 yrs old) predicts we will get a baby girl and her name will be Diamond.

My newphew Robbie (2yrs almost 3) predicts we will get a baby boy and his name will be Sebastian.

Pretty cute, if I say so myself! Have we considered names? Not too seriously. We do have a book, and it has different lists, like presidential names, scary names, artsy names, etc... It makes me laugh reading some of them. However, in reality, it's just too early. :)

I'm not sure how often I'll post, but I'll try to do it once a week. It may or may not be about adoption stuff.

For example, today was very cold in San Antonio. It's 26 degrees Fahrenheit right now...and now that everyone up north has stopped laughing... we went without power twice (1st time was about an hour, 2nd time was fairly short) at my campus. Some campuses only had power for 2 hours for the whole day! Now you would have to agree, that it would be pretty cold in the building without the heaters on. My room felt like a freezer! It was also the 100th day of school in NISD, so it made it fairly memorable I must say! Stay warm everybody wherever you are!

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