Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Day of Friends

Before I start our blog post about today, I noticed some replies wanting to see pics of Gavin. We wish we had some, but we have not had our meeting at the agency yet. Our meeting is scheduled Monday afternoon in Korea. Don't worry, we'll share plenty...but for now you'll have to w.a.i.t.

Today we were able to visit with a bunch of friends. It was wonderful! Our first visit was with our friend Matt, who we know from college. Matt has actually been living here for quite awhile. He is fluent in Korean and definitely knows the streets of Seoul. We met him at Seoul Station, and he was able to take us shopping. We also ate lunch at a wonderful Korean restaurant up this street. It was delicious as usual!!! It was great to reminisce and he had us in stitches.

The next friend we saw was a special family that we met through adoption. Although I would love to post a picture, out of respect for their privacy I will not. Our friends had their special meeting to pick up their son last Wednesday...and he is sweet, cute, adorable...I could keep listing adjectives for lines and lines. You can already tell that he loves his mommy and his daddy. One thing that tells me they could have a future Kpop star in their family is when another friend took out his camera to take pictures, their son knew exactly how to ham it up for the camera. He posed and would look straight at the lens. It was adorable! We are so happy for our friends and we hope they will have a safe and peaceful trip home.

The last friend we were able to visit with was our friend Brian. I actually met Brian on an adoptee trip to Korea in 1994. It's great to see him in the city where we first met. Brian took us to see some of the sights and shops of Seoul in the evening. It was really spectacular to see. There is an electricity that Seoul has, which Matt and I both LOVE! I would love to write more details, however my other half who has a much better memory for details is is conked out. So he will have to add 2 cents tomorrow.

It was a rainy and cold day today. We are hoping for some sunshine so we can easily shop in some of the markets. Hope you're having a great day and we'll see you tomorrow. just in case you're wondering...only 2 more days until we get our sweet boy! Nighty night!!!

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  1. It sounds like things are amazing! Again, I love your pictures. Hope all your personal emotions and experiences concerning being in Korea are exactly how you hoped they would be. So great you have gotten to meet with people. Sleep well and enjoy your Sunday! Can't wait to see pictures of Gavin!