Friday, April 20, 2012

Loving the Time Change

I know this may be strange, but I am loving the time change! As some of you may know, I am a morning person and Matt is a total night owl. Well, thanks to the time change and the lack of sleep for Matt and a ton of sleep for me on the plane, I feel like we have found the perfect schedule! Matt actually was up and ready for breakfast at 7 this morning. I realize if we stayed here long enough we would change back to our "normal" bio rhythms, but I'm lovin it right now!

So, what should we do on our first day in Seoul? We headed
to Namsan Park. We took a cab to the park, since we had to make it to ESWS by 3:00 and I grew too impatient trying to find the subway. Once we got there, the driver had planned to take us to the cable car, but due to the fact we didn't have our passports, he couldn't... So, we walked!

The flowers are blossoming in Seoul. It is a spectacular sight to see!

Okay, well we officially called this our physical exertion activity. The only thing I can compare this "hike" to is if you've ever hiked up Diamond Head on Oahu, HI. Everyone was huffing and puffing by the time they reached the top of these stairs.

...and here comes another set...although these didn't seem as horrible....

...but wait, don't forget this next incline up the mountain...

...and we've finally made it to a road...we're almost to the top...

...well we thought we were almost to the top...
...and well, we made it to the top, but it was tough work. It was definitely worth the trek, but if you decide you want to hike up Namsan to the tower, I highly suggest you start using the stair master or take a step class ASAP. Now, I believe this next event was due to my delirium from trekking to the top, but when we entered the elevator to the tower, the elevator guide said to stare at the ceiling. Matt like the good obedient tourist did, (there was a short movie that was supposed to be like shooting to the stars)...and what did I do, I started laughing hysterically. I'm not sure why it happened, but once I start I can't stop. Hopefully the elevator operator decided I was just crazy and wasn't offended. The views were spectacular and on each window there were different cities listed and how far they were from Seoul Tower.

What's Matt doing here? He is writing a "love note" to Gavin from the highest tower in the world.

We told him that we can't wait to have our Forever Family day and that one day we will return to Seoul to reminisce about our special memories. after the climbing and the shopping we decided to indulge and have a small feast in one of the tower restaurants

Here is our view from where we were sitting. If you look towards the middle of the picture of the building with the green roof, that is where we began our trek.

Yes, I'm in heaven partly because of some of the food. I'm not sure if you can read this, but it's a Bi Bim Bop station...YUM!

Is your mouth watering? I know mine is!

Yum!!! What can I say, the picture says it all!!!

After lunch we walked back down the mountain...and it was much easier in regards to breathing. Loved it! If you have the time, I suggest you visit!

The next place we visited is very special. It was the agency that my nephew and I were adopted through in Korea. Eastern Social Welfare Society. We had the opportunity to meet Robbie's foster mother. She is such a sweet and happy lady. Its wonderful that Robbie had a happy and loving foster mother.

After Robbie's FM left. We had a few minutes to go into the Eastern Baby Nursery. Too precious for words!!!

Well, Matt is already "sawing logs" and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so that's my cue to exit! Thanks for thinking of us! Will do another update tomorrow!


  1. Love the pictures!! The cherry blossoms! The babies! When do you get to see Gavin?! As I type this, it's 7:30 am in Korea, so I'm hoping it will be within the next couple hours!

  2. Yes, I am confused. when do you get to see Gavin? The pics of food are great and all but I want to see "finally together family" pics. Lol! I know you get my drift! The pics are great though!