Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel Call!!!!!!!


This is the day that we have longed for since we received our referral...and guess what...


Yep, that's right folks. I missed the call, LOL. We were hopeful that we would get Travel Call any day, in particular this one since it coincided with his Visa Interview, and when it passed a certain time I told myself, "well hopefully tomorrow."
I happened to pull out my phone 30 minutes after, THE.CALL and there it was

This is one of the times that I am thankful that our agency is on the west coast...we had plenty of time to call and make arrangements before they closed.

So...tonight we go to sleep with sweet dreams of our sweet boy and Korea dancing in our heads...and we continue to send wishes and hopes to the families who are waiting for their turn to travel on this crazy roller coaster ride.


  1. Oh no - but YaY!!!!!

    Im so excited for you
    - I have been following your blog (we are in home study process ourselves )
    Our oldest son is named Gavin ;)
    Great name ;) (wink)
    Blessings blessings on your travel!!!

  2. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeee! So happy for you! Congratulations!

    (I missed our travel call, too! LOL!)

    Looking forward to photos of your adorable son in your arms! :o)