Friday, April 27, 2012

We're Back!!!

We made it!!! I have to make this a quick post. 

Gavin did really well on the flight from Korea. As long as I would walk with him around the plane, he would not cry at all. Something we were not aware of was the meal he would get on the plane. He was a lap seat so essentially he was on my lap the whole time. When they brought his meal, it happened to be two jars of baby food, LOL. He was not interested at all. Another AP told me that you can call and change the meal, so if we get on the adoption roller coaster again we'll do that. He had plenty of snacks and our food to keep him full. We also sat by a really sweet girl from Korea who would talk with him and was very entertaining. I believe she and Matt kept up a conversation for the whole 13 hours.

When we arrived in Dallas that is where exhaustion really hit. We had to stay there for 9 hours. We tried to get an earlier flight, but they were completely booked. The first thing we did though was stop at TGIF...and although Gavin was not interested at all in his mac n cheese he sure loved eating french fries and chips with spinach dip. He also recognized pizza and loves that. It looks like he has already been exposed to some foods that we were going to try to keep him away from...and I know this is random but I have to write it when I can remember, the last time we had breakfast at our hotel he pointed at our eggs and he said "egg".  :-)

When we arrived in San Antonio it was wonderful to see my parents and friends waiting for us!!! It was great that some of our cheerleaders during the process were able to make it out to the airport. Gavin started to show some of his personality at the airport!!! He has a great laugh and smile, and I think now that he's more comfortable with us it's coming out more and more.

The car ride home was typical...just like my nephew and other friends kids from Korea, who aren't used to the car seat, he was bawling up a storm, until he finally went to sleep. When we got home he was very curious...and there's some more toddler proofing we're going to have to do. He has a lot of spunk in him and one of the first things he did was put the dogs' water bowl on his head. 

His furry brother and sisters don't come home until Monday...

Well, I really do have to go wake up Matt and Gavin, I'm hoping by Monday we'll be on some sort of a schedule! 

Jet Lag-We Will Defeat You!!! 

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