Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greetings From Seoul!

Our first glimpse of Korea.

We made it! ...and we both agree that our 14 hour flight went well. We happened to sit in the last row of the plane, where there were only two seats on each side...and it was perfect. Matt felt comfortable getting up and out of his seat to stretch as much as he needed to and it's always nice to have a "row" to yourself. Since I hadn't been sleeping well, I slept for almost half of the flight. Each time I would start a movie, it was like a sleeping pill for me, I would be sleeping and would find that I had missed the whole movie. Matt on the other hand only slept for maybe an hour, which explains why he is sleeping right now.

The driver from our agency was waiting for us when we exited the terminal and he drove us to our hotel. We were surprised to find that we are actually in a 2 room suite. We have plenty of room. There is plenty of space for someone to run around.

Even though we had 2 meals served to us on Korean Air, we still felt the need to eat, LOL. Tonight, we just walked around the block and headed for the restaurant that smelled delicious! I didn't have my camera with me, but the meal was amazing and my mouth is on fire from the kimchi!!!

So...tomorrow I hope we get to do some sight seeing in the morning and in the afternoon, we are going to stop by Eastern Social Welfare Society which is the Korean agency that my nephew and I were adopted through. We have the honor to meet my nephew's foster family!!! So exciting!!!

I'm starting to droop, so see you tomorrow! :)


  1. Exciting! Sounds like you're off to a great start. :)

  2. Sounds amazing Jen. Glad the flight went well. Don't give in to jet lag, and good luck in the days ahead. We're very excited for you guys. Keep posting when you can!